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Warrior Lion
Genevieve and I

From Disney to Dali and Back!

The artwork of
Celeste Schield Jacobi

From a very young age I have had pencils and brushes in hand. My first memory of art was when my parents brought me to the theatre to watch Cinderella when I was 7 years old. I realized that art was more than a still picture. It was an emotional experience that could captivate the imagination.

I began copying many Disney characters until the age of 16 when I discovered Salvador Dalí’s “Persistence of Memory”. That was the game changer for me. I couldn’t resist the appeal of surrealism so from that moment on I wanted to create something that no photograph could capture. I was only concerned with subjects only the imagination could tap into. My art was created with the sole purpose of igniting the imagination.

My education allowed me to learn Graphic Design in 1992 while in High School using computers which brought a different style into my art. I then continued two years at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle Washington where I was introduced to more drawing and painting techniques. My work has continued to change as the years roll by. It’s always exciting to see what will develop next.

Register Guard Article Nov. 17th 2016

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Get together: Shadowfox, a gallery and cafe, offers collaborative space to create, connect and be inspired By Lillian Schrock The Register-Guard Celeste Jacobi sipped on a glass of red wine as she listened [...]

Creatrix Art Studio – Maddison’s Creative Critter – Acrylic on panel

By | June 7th, 2016|Categories: Acrylic Paintings, Art of Innocence, Creative Critters, Creatrix Realm's Art Studio|Tags: , |

Miss Maddison's Creative Critter The Art of Innocence It's hard to ignore the raw imagination of a kid that is unhindered by logic. To be this playful is a true gift. Miss Maddison entered [...]

Creatrix Art Studio – Cali Cat Fairy – Acrylic on panel

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We love hosting contests to promote creativity in our lives. These contests will be for adults and kids to enjoy throughout the year. Stay in the loop on future art contests! [...]

Creatrix Art Studio – Mother and Child – Oil on panel

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Original concept Mother and Child This has been an elusive painting for me from the beginning. This oil on panel piece has had many variations until this [...]

Creatrix Art Studio – Feminine Walking Stick – Cherry Blossoms

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A walking stick created with women in mind. I found myself online 6 months ago looking for a gift for my mother. I kept envisioning finding an elegantly designed walking [...]

Creatrix Design Studio – Eugene ArtWalk March 2015

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Creatrix Realms' Showcases work during Eugene's First Friday ArtWalk April 3, 2015 The Downtown Athletic Club was generous in letting me showcase a body of work during the Eugene First Friday ArtWalk. They were also [...]

Creatrix Art Studio at the DAC on April’s First Friday Artwalk Eugene Oregon

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Do your walls need a unique piece of art? ENTER TO WIN! Artist: Celeste Schield Jacobi Show: Creatrix Realms Date: Friday, April 3, 2015 Time: 5:30pm-8:00pm Location: The Downtown [...]