Creatrix Kids Art Classes – Eugene Oregon- Painting Preparation

Steps to creating a final piece! Creatrix Kids are working on studies through drawing and color before starting their acrylic painting. Some artists comes to a point where they understand that in order to excel in art they need to create many compositions through drawings and color studies. This allows them [...]

Creatrix Kids Art Classes – Eugene Oregon- Caticorn

Working with shapes! Creating our 'Caticorn'. We continued the spirit of fun and imagination by creating Caticorn. The purpose of this exercise was to continue working with shapes to develop our creature. You can see the fun results below. Melia's work It is exciting to watch Melia become more [...]

Creatrix Kids Art Classes – Eugene Oregon- Dogicorn

Working with shapes! Creating our 'Dogicorn'. The Creatrix Kids shared with me last week a few of their favorite things. Geneveive and Melia both agreed on Unicorns and Devin mentioned his are dogs. In order to cover their interests the 'Dogicorn' came to existence. With many [...]

Creatrix Kids Art Classes – Charcoal Tree Class – Eugene

Fun with charcoals and pastels! The Creatrix Kids had no fear diving into these artists mediums. These wonderful little Creators made their own masterpieces while I walked them through applying pastels and charcoals onto newsprint. Each one of them did a wonderful job in listening [...]