Creatrix Design Studio – George Graham – Letter of recommendation

“Celeste engaged with the customers in a positive and professional manner. Our sales increased 20-50% during the live demos.”

March 25, 2015

This letter is in reference to Celeste Jacobi.

PABST (PBR) was looking for a local artists to facilitate in an engaging marketing strategy to appeal to our clients. We were looking for art styles that would grab the attention of our clientele. When I looked at Celeste’s portfolio I saw artwork that was unique and memorable. We commissioned Celeste to create three paintings for PBR as well as doing 3 art demos at local businesses to get more exposure in the area.

I found that working with Celeste made these events enjoyable to present. She is extremely reliable, punctual and communicated every step of the process from beginning to end. I was always informed on the process of each piece and where the art direction was going. This made me incredibly confident in her artistic abilities and her business acumen.

The art demos were well attended and Celeste engaged with the customers in a positive and professional manner. Our sales increased 20-50% during the live demos. Overall +20% leading up to the live demo with impactful point of sale announcing the event 2 weeks prior.  The completed pieces captured the essence of the PBR Brand to the letter. Art is an annual platform for PBR and Celeste is our go to artist every year.

What really sets Celeste apart from the other artists is her ability to hone in on the PBR brand and create artwork that our clientele gravitates towards. She listened to our needs and suggestions. She clearly communicated delivery timelines for the projects. In the end we have 5 stunning and unique art pieces that showcase our brand. Three of these pieces were given away to clients at the art demos. All three of them were beyond thrilled to receive their own piece of art. The other pieces are on tour or hanging in our suppliers business location. We look forward to seeing what Celeste can create for us next time.

George Graham

Area Sales Manager
Pabst Brewing Co.
(541) 222-9674

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