Creatrix Valentine wine paint party – Eugene Oregon

What a great night for another wine and paint party.

Creatrix Valentine wine paint party – Eugene Oregon! These lovely people decided to share their Valentine evening with me as I walk them through the “Vineyard” painting. This class had beginners and advanced artists which gave us a variety of artwork to enjoy at the end of the event. As always the grapes were everyones favorite part of the painting. Circles seems to be favored when it comes to laying out shapes.

At the end of our evening we were all treated to the array of styles from whimsical to impasto. This evening even brought in new styles such a graphic novel look from one of our painters who used thicker brush strokes which gave the grapes a very strong graphic representation. Another one of our artists created a palette color and whimsical style reminiscent of the Illustrator SHAG. Two of our painters were seasoned artists and they offered a look into storybook paint styles and expressionistic leaves with refined grapes. If only we had 30 more minutes I would have loved to lined everyones paintings up and went through each one to point out the strong elements. Showcasing such a variety in artwork should not be overlooked. Next time I will have to add that into my class.

It warmed my heart to hear couples mention they were going to hang their paintings side-by-side. What better way to preserve a memory than through your own piece of art. I hope that when they walk by their paintings it will make them smile knowing that they sat down in front of a blank canvas and turned it into a wonderful, colorful vineyard.

The night was full of sweet musical notes from Scott Austin, click here to hear this talented musician. And to add to the sweetness my friend Jamie made the most amazing coconut, red velvet cupcakes for our guests. I would have posted a picture but they were all gone by the time I grabbed my camera and headed over to the three tiered cupcake tray. You have to grab those fast or you miss out! And of course Capitello Wines was serving up delicious oysters that represented our Northwest coastline all the way to BC. So this was a night not to be missed.

Looking forward to the next class. Until then keep creating!

Photos below of the Creatrix Valentine wine paint party – Eugene Oregon.

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