Stunning Peacock – Paint Parties Portfolio


Stunning Peacock - Paint Parties Portfolio Who isn't mesmerized by the brilliant display of colors that a peacock showcases. Enjoy sitting in front of your blank canvas and watch it transform into this proud bird with jeweled colored tones. This piece will look stunning in your living room. Reserve your canvas today! OR Contact us [...]

Madame Abeille – Watercolor and Ink


Madame Abeille - Illustration Watercolors & Ink Drawing Who wants this lovely bee in their garden? Inspired by a Marie Antoinette painting. I carefully sketched and inked in the drawing with Faber Castell and Copic markers. I then take the original and scanned it and printed it on artists medium paper to create original watercolor [...]

Fox Illustration


Fantastic Fox - Inked Illustration While trying to capture the intense gaze of this fox I realized it had a presence that deserved a headpiece that would convey a story of where it had come. Something to show the many adventures this fox has encountered. This lovely piece will soon have some watercolors applied to [...]

Ballerina Bee – Ink Illustration


Ballerina Bee - Ink Illustration "Ballerina Bee" is the illustration I created to display an anthropomorphic personality for bees. Let this little lovely dazzle your room with her graceful moves. Her whimsical ways and silly charm will let your mind relax into their alter world or at least make you smile.