Party Cupcakes Eugene Oregon – Logo Design


Party Cupcakes Eugene Oregon - Logo Design The owner of this company was looking for something that fit a retro style. She also wanted to tap into some pop-culture. We decided to pull fonts from The Big Lebowski title. Colors and the stylized cupcake fit the 50's theme she was desiring. Client: Party Cupcakes [...]

dwelling LIVE HOME – Logo Design


dwelling LIVE HOME - Logo Design This company was bought by Cii in Denver and they wanted to new logo to portray new ownership. They also wanted to convey a comfortable but strong look in their logo. This was created through the careful choice of fonts and colors. Client: Cii

Community Experts – Logo Design


Community Experts - Logo Design Cii is a company that has a large portfolio of companies. All of these companies deal with an area of property or real estate. They were looking to create another company that would allow them to leverage two of the companies they owned with was a company that deals with HOA's [...]

Kids Acting Out West – Logo Design


Kids Acting Out West - Logo Design The owner, Alina Cenal, wanted a logo that was playful to display her service of teaching kids how to act. We incorporated the silhouette of a child behind the 'I' in 'KIDS' to give it a strong graphic element so her logo was easily recognized. Client: Kids Acting [...]

Green Life Guru – Logo Design


Green Life Guru - Logo Design This logo has to convey a sense of wellness and calmness through a lifestyle choice. In this specific community where this company resided yoga is practiced by many residents. Knowing this information helped Creatrix choose an image that embodied these qualities while incorporating the green lifestyle into the [...]