Wine and paint party at Capitello in Eugene Oregon!

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What a pleasure it was teaching these ladies how to create their own piece of art.

Great conversation, music and fantastic wine from Capitello! I only wish we had longer than three hours to keep continuing on these pieces of art. Everyone showcased such unique styles in the end. Maybe I will look into offering a “Continuation Class” for people who want to revisit their art and add more detail to their painting.

It is amusing how these paint parties have the same flow. Everyone shows up and the chatting begins, the wine is poured and then we all take our seats in front of the blank canvas. Once the painter is staring into that blank canvas the questions start to arise on how will this look in the end? At that moment I assure my painters that every creation will go through a metamorphosis. There is a good chance you will not like what you see when you begin your painting but something magical happens in that last 60 minutes of the painting where we start to add the detail and all their work starts to reveal itself as their own personal creation. It never fails and the reward is watching everyone become impressed and amazed on how that blank canvas is now a wonderful combination of color and shapes that showcase their Vineyard painting.

My favorite part of the class is approaching each painter and asking them, “Show me how you are applying paints.” This part is crucial to me on improving their art and experience. A good teacher always needs to observe the student to understand how they apply paints since that is their comfort zone. I then take into account how they apply paints and the style of painting they are creating. I then offer them options on how to improve their brush techniques. This is how at the end of the class everyone is able to have a unique piece. No one piece looks like another since that is the practice of creation which is finding our voice an vision.

A few days after this painting class one of my students contacted me and said she wanted to continue painting which always gives me a cheshire cat smile 😉 I gave her some recommendations on where to buy paints, brushes and an easel. She promised to send updates of her paintings. Can’t wait to see what she creates.

Thanks again for joining me ladies! Looking forward to more wine and paint party at Capitello in Eugene Oregon. Remember to keep creating!

Enjoy the video & pictures below of the wine and paint party at Capitello in Eugene Oregon!

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  1. Joleen Haynes Mack February 4, 2017 at 8:04 pm - Reply

    How do I find out when your classes are?

    • celeste.jacobi February 5, 2017 at 11:15 am - Reply

      Hello Joleen. Thank you for reaching out to Creatrix! Our classes will be posted in this page:

      There is one coming up on February 19th and March 11th which still needs to be posted. We are focusing more on prints and watercolors like the one you will see on the link I sent. I can send you an update once I post the other classes so you can see what will be offered.

      Best regards,

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